Tenant Agreements Alberta

The Residential Tenancy Act is always enforced through any agreement entered into by the owners and tenants themselves. If the law remains silent on a particular subject, landlords and tenants can accept everything as long as it is not illegal. For example, the rental agreement usually contains conditions for whether pets are allowed, which is not covered by law. Landlords and tenants must make their own pet deals. Can the landlord require a tenant to provide proof of insurance as a condition of the lease? A periodic lease agreement means that no end date is included in the residential lease agreement. The tenant can continue to reside in the property until the tenant or landlord sends the termination of the lease. There are different types of periodic rentals, including monthly periodic rentals (for which the tenant agrees to rent monthly and pay the monthly rent) and weekly periodic rentals (for which the tenant agrees to rent week after week and pay weekly rent). Landlords and tenants must meet certain conditions to successfully terminate a rental agreement. A fixed-term rental agreement means that the tenant agrees to rent the premises for a fixed period. An end date is written in the rental agreement.

For example, a tenant agrees to rent a property for six months. At the end of the agreed period, the tenant is expected to move and no longer reside there. Neither a tenant nor a lessor may terminate a fixed-term lease prematurely unless the other party agrees.