Appendix 1603.d.1 To Annex 1603 Of The North American Free Trade Agreement

This does not mean that a warranty or service contract must have the same date as the sales contract. For services provided by third parties in particular, it may take a few months after the sale before the company that installed or maintained the machine is identified and contracted. The text of the actual agreement appears in Part V, Chapter 16. While NAFTA provides only for after-sales situations, the general R187 rule for business travellers, under which this section of NAFTA is implemented, allows individuals to participate in sales and leasing contracts. Chapter 16 facilitates the temporary entry of citizens of the United States, Mexico and Canada whose activities are related to trade in goods or services or investments. NAFTA is a reciprocal agreement and Canadians will receive similar treatment when they enter the United States or Mexico. Chapter 16 is not a substitute, but complements our existing general provisions. A U.S. or Mexican business person wishing to enter Canada may be considered in accordance with NAFTA and general provisions applicable to all foreign workers. NAFTA aims to liberalize trade between the United States, Mexico and Canada and to remove tariffs and other trade barriers. The agreement opens up markets in the three countries by ensuring that future laws do not create barriers to activity.

Leases must be the first cross-border transaction that must result in a sale. The lease agreement between the Canadian buyer and a final consumer applies as long as the equipment remains the property of the original purchaser and the sales, warranty or service contract is still in effect. 4. Notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2, a contracting party may set an annual limit on Schedule 1603.D.4 for the temporary entry of a member of another party who wishes to engage in a professional activity in a profession covered by Appendix 1603.D.1, if the parties concerned did not agree otherwise before this agreement came into force. When setting such a ceiling, the contracting party consults with the other party concerned. For trade to develop, individuals must have access to the land of the other country to sell, offer goods or services, trade and invest. CHAPTER 16 of NAFTA, Temporary Entry for Business Persons, defines mechanisms for selected categories of temporary workers to access the other company`s markets. A candidate may be recognized as a trader or investor, but not both. If an applicant is unsure of their status or wishes to be considered in both cases, all sections of the application form must be completed. (For more information on the application form, see sections 5.2 and 6.2. All persons requesting entry after the resale service of Schedule 1603.A.1 must be referred to the immigration unit.

Modified to include interpretive notes – the official text of Appendix 1603.A.1. 3. Paragraphs 4 and 5 of Section D of Schedule 1603 are no longer valid between the United States and Mexico for fair and advertising staff participating in a trade agreement.